So I’m Lauren, toats my goats new to this blogging thing. It seems a little weird to me that I would be writing down my thoughts, adventures, ideas, etc. for the whole internet world to see. Heck only live once why not try it, I’m a pretty interesting person! So why I chose the name hot mess? Well, I use this term rather liberally. I like to think of myself as a hot mess meaning i look like a hot mess. It wasn’t until recently though I heard this song by Cobra Starship called wouldn’t you like to know….”Hot Mess” saying how some chick is a total party animal. Some may call me that using that term, I won’t agree or disagree. You be the judge. Well we will see how this whole blogging thing works out. I like to tell things how it is, so maybe I can get some good ones going, I think I have some good ideas already forming for my next blog…..


~ by Lauraige on 01/12/2010.

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