Where’s the Beef?

Ugh ok friends I’m gonna try to keep this positive. Though I’ve a long a tiring day. We’ll make this story sound fun and exciting! (even though I really want to say it was pathetic and dull) Today I arose to the sun shining and the sky blue ready to start my day. (really though I woke up freezing and took a cold shower because there was no more hot water) I took my time getting ready for work enjoying every minute of the beautiful morning. ( I was rushing out the door looking like a HOT MESS) Ready to start my day at work I jumped out of the car wanting to be ready to clock in early and cheerfully greet all members at the YMCA. (I waited until the last minute to get out of the car, dreading to go into work, despising anyone who stepped foot into that facility) My morning shift was so much fun playing with the fun kids, I truly have the BEST JOB EVER!! (….really do I have to say anything more….) As I left work to go home and eat lunch I was eager to return for another shift. (…………….) My second shift couldn’t have been any better, the kids were just so much fun. (I am so over today) After I got off work I was ready for my workout couldn’t wait to feel those endorphins. (really my only highlight of the day who would of thought working out for 3 hours could be so enjoyable?) At last I am home writing this ready to settle in with a good book and hit the hay ready for another day!!! (came home, almost passed out in my shower, almost threw up from overeating, still feel sick, dog ate my dinner, sore from my workout, writing this stupid thing, I guess I’ll go strum my bass and read a little….hate today)

Well that was my day few highlights like: eye-candy, peep show, fat babies, food, dick-tionary, and the day being over.

~ by Lauraige on 01/14/2010.

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