Someday I’ll Get It….

I’m sure we’ve all had regrets, but lately I’ve been regretting a lot of things. In all categories from relationships, work, finances, my health, and just in all my actions. I really need a good swift kick in the head saying to me, “you have a brain, use the damn thing!!” I’m just waiting for that day when I can hopefully finally realize this stuff on my own without someone having to tell me its a bad idea. Life is full of learning lessons, you just got apply them. Well since this blog is getting all depressing, I should cheer it up! So I’m going to Disneyland tomorrow pretty darn excited about that!!! Shoot…that’s kind of boring too….ummm so I watched the Golden Globes today and I thought of myself as a homely housewife and it kind of made me sick….I WILL NEVER CONFORM TO SOCIETY!!! So yea I guess my main thought for the day is that I don’t want people to remember me when I die as a dumb fool, so I’m gonna shape up. If you see me being stupid PLEASE slap me across the head for my sake and probably yours…


~ by Lauraige on 01/17/2010.

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