Well, well, well… was a real thriller. I’m MISERABLY sick, but because I love to push the envelope I decided I would go to Disneyland in the pouring rain! (Why do I have to push things? I don’t like being a pusher…) Well since thats all said and done I’ll tell you what happened. Grand ol’ day at the magic kingdom literally the least amount of people I have ever seen at Disneyland! Space Mountain was a flippin 5 min wait!!! YOU NEVER SEE SPACE MOUNTAIN THAT SHORT!!!! All in all we went on a ton of rides I counted about 15 probably more though…and we walked onto every single one! The one (well knowing me it was really more today) stupid thing I did today was I decided to go on splash mountain. I give you a few reasons why that was stupid: 1. Because I’m already sick. 2. Because it was already pouring rain. 3. Because I went on around 4 in the afternoon, so I never really dried. Yea REAL dumb move on my part. I burned out my phone though I thought it would be fun to document EVERYTHING I did all day…to the point of celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. day by eating some fried chicken. (That’s not racist right??) I am SO tired though I think I’m probably gonna get phenomena and die…..Oh!!!! Tomorrow’s the BIG day!!! I start my lemonade diet tomorrow….I cannot wait!! After all the fried food I hate today I definitely need a cleanser. Most of the people I’ve told about it have shown no support in me, but I’ll show them. I’m gonna make them SUCK IT!!!!


~ by Lauraige on 01/18/2010.

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