Chef Boyardee

Well this has been one eventful day….went to work, came home power was out, tried to sleep kept getting woken up by various things, read my book, played my bass, worried how I’m not prepared one single bit for school and how I think it’s a good idea if I put off one more semester, and threw up. So far its been pretty exciting day! I hate to tell you though that my detox was short lived…DON’T THINK FOR ONE SECOND IT WAS MY DECISION!!!!! I was threatened by my mom if I don’t end the detox she would take away my car, and we all know that would never happen so reluctantly I ended it. I had a big dinner stupidly and ended up throwing the whole thing up. (just got out of the bathroom actually….really disgusting!) I still feel like utter crap from being sick, I think just being sick curved my appetite because I am still not hungry. I think next week I’ll try it again, I won’t tell my mom this time. I got my chef uniform yesterday. I think it won’t be of much use because I realized I forgot to get my knife set!!! HOW FREAKIN STUPID AM I!!!! I don’t know what my plans are now…school starts on Monday….crap. We’ll since I feel pathetic already I’m gonna go back to watching Twilight on youtube. I need some Robby P. right now….


~ by Lauraige on 01/20/2010.

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