May not be suitable for young children

I should never be left alone. Bad things happen when I get bored. I realize I do very weird things to entertain myself. So I decided I want to write an ode to Robert Pattinson, I don’t know what my complete fascination with him lately has been about. I just know that he well no other real way of putting it….Rocks My World!!! I love his cool, calm, and collective manner. I love his bouffant hair. I love his goofy little smile. I love his accent. I love his lame jokes. I very much like his body. I don’t understand at all how people can find Taylor Lautner more attractive then him. That kid is a ratarded goober. I don’t understand why it took me 18 years to find Robert, but I am so glad I did!!! Someone asked me a tough question today which would I rather see Rob in: Boxers or Briefs…..but which I answered briefly in boxers!!!

So as you can see I am still really sick and have lost my mind that I poured out my heart and told you my love for Robert. I soon want to declare it to the WHOLE WORLD for everyone to know!!!!

~ by Lauraige on 01/21/2010.

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