The Little Mermaid

Oh the joys of the YMCA…..I swear you get some of the weirdest people in there, they don’t turn anyone away of a membership. Here comes grumpy me strolling into work with my awesome lifeguard shirt, short black shorts, sweet twilight jacket, and my rain boots. Pretty much looking like a hot mess. I can’t say that now without throwing up….anyways, as I’m here to guard the lives of the weird people of the Y, a group of weird little 14 year old punks come and surround me sitting dying of boredom in my lifeguard chair. I sit up and give them the evil eye to give them the hint to leave, but then they all drop to one knee and start reciting a poem they wrote for me. WHAT?!?! Who does that??? Freakin weird. Anyways we’ll give it to them it was quite cute actually in a stupid kind of way. The poem was legit, they gave it to me when they were done. I’ll share with you now.

Lauren the Lifeguard your name is like Heaven.
Your eyes sparkle when the fluorescents hit them.
You speak with great power when you say “NO RUNNING!”
I am filled with complete joy when I’m here for friday night swimming.
The nights when you’re not here I’m really down.
And I think my only option is for me to drown.
Then I think theres no one by far.
Who I would rather want giving me CPR.

I Love you Lifeguard Lauren!!

Now wasn’t that sweet….I just had to start busting up laughing after that. If only they were attractive 20 something year old guys…..


~ by Lauraige on 01/22/2010.

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