Lasting Memories

Today I was listening to Leona Lewis’ song Happy. I learned from a stupid song to take risk and do what makes you happy. Those are some damn wise words Leona Lewis, bet you didn’t write them….still though I’m learning to live by that. Today was a happy day. Nothing bad, nothing to be upset about. I’ve been having some of the weirdest dreams though lately I don’t know what’s been instigating them. Last night I had a few dreams one of them I was just brushing my teeth and all of a sudden in a bloody mess they all fall out. I also had another one where I drown in my bathtub. Lastly the best one I befriend a centaur who then robs me of everything and kills everyone I know…..

I’ve been thinking how I really want my hair to grow out. I’m so tired of my short hair, it’s not good for anything, but being laughed at by people you thought were your friends. Shoot. Today I saw Santa’s sleigh take off the first time, I finally believe in Santa. Did you know that the word Lie is in the word Believe. Coincidence?? I really want so damn dunkin donuts. Been craving those stupid things for months now and still haven’t gotten them. So I’m not gonna worry, just gonna be HAPPY!!!


~ by Lauraige on 01/26/2010.

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