Someone Call 911

Ugh I just ate at Mad Dogs for the first time ever. If you’ve never eaten there I highly recommend it, that was the best wiener I’ve ever had! Dirtiness aside, I have an addiction. (Besides working out a million hours a day.) I am one of the most impulsive people I know. Mainly when it comes to shopping. It’s not like I regret anything I purchase, it would just be nice to be normal and think before I buy. I can’t even count within the last 3 months all the crazy impulse buys I’ve had. Oh well you only live once right?? Leaving Mad Dogs tonight I passed this little boutique and they had some super cute shoes….guess where I’ll be tomorrow?? Working….but then I’m gonna go there HA! I’m trying to work on a new workout playlist right now. I think this gonna be number 7 hour long playlist. I guess there are worse things in life too. I wonder what a muscle stimulator feels like. I really want some toned abs. I think I should go out and meet some new friends, don’t get me wrong if you are already one of these ratards. I’m not looking for replacements just trying to widen my circle. I need new adventures and I’m currently at a stand still. Oh how I want to buy some shoes…..


~ by Lauraige on 01/27/2010.

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