Hot Habanero

Ugh ok so I wrote a pretty good blog just now, but then my stupid internet died and lost that whole darn thing!!! I guess I’ll just start over…..

So today was a pretty disgusting day, actually wasn’t all that bad, but one certain part in particular was completely gross. Well we’ll start with me being a gracious person a taking a shift of a fallen co-worker who had a “rash.” Wow well that’s a new one I should use that ridiculous hot mess….so anyways carrying on. It was a miserable day, (why is it always when you’re not supposed to be working, it’s always a bad day?) Enough complaining, so I was doing my daily rounds playing with some chillins outside. I suspected that this one child had poop, and like any good child care worker I checked. As I went in for the kill, doing the good ol’ snap the back of the diaper open, should be a quick act, something unsuspecting happened….As I pulled that sucker open I pulled out a nice nub of shidobi. Not kidding you had a lump of turd on my fingers……FML is all I have to say.

After that traumatic experience, only two things that can calm my on edge nerves. Shopping and working out. I was thinking today how cool it would be to have a midget French maid. Kind of like what that Chelsea Handler has, but way dang cooler! I like that girl, she has balls. She has some wits. I like witty people, those people are smart, and I like smart people. I also remembered that Valentine’s day is right around the corner. Is it ok for me to hate a holiday that is supposed to be about “love?” Really people? It’s just a consumer holiday to get you to spend freakin money…..HELLO!!!! Let’s be real people.


~ by Lauraige on 01/28/2010.

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