Yea so pretty much just want to say I’m legit. I guess I have been kind of manic depressant lately, no buenos. Now I just have a big head, one of two extremes I guess. I’ve been watching the Grammys all night. I really want to become a musician rock star. I think that lifestyle could suit me quite well. Ewww I’m sitting here with my mom and all of a sudden it smelled like butt hole I think it was her. Anyways…yeah I think I want to be like Beyonce she’s so amazing. Her words blow my freaking mind. “If I were a boy, I’d be a better man…” You know what that’s so true. Boys don’t know anything. If I was a man I’d be gentle. I guess I need to throw in about my picnic today. My friends want to feel cool (even though they will never be) I had a special picnic today at Mesa park. I won’t give them the joy though of mentioning their name. They know who they are. I made cupcakes. They were kind of gross don’t think I’ll ever make those stupid things again. I have a brilliant idea though for a cake. It’s pretty amazing. I’m so pumped about my crazy work week. Honestly I am more work means more money, more money means more fun stuff for me to do! Whoopee!!

~ by Lauraige on 01/31/2010.

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