I Run This Town!

So I’m feeling a little high and mighty tonight. I’ve reached a personal best in my book. Tonight I completed 2 spin classes count em’ 2 classes. That right there is 1 hour and 45 min. I even did the train song, you don’t want to know the train song it’s one that haunts you in your dreams. Yea, but we won’t stop there. Let’s add in another hour of cardio, plus 45 min. of weights, and finishing off with 30 min in the pool doing some laps to relax those muscles. Yea let’s give a little Mazal Tov to that!! Too bad for the suckers who can’t keep up with that…..I pity them and their weakness. Anyways, I have a lot of crap. Anybody want anything? Cleaning out my room and how could I have so much crap?! I’m ready for summer to start I want to start spending everyday at the beach, bring me a little peace of mind. Oh, so I had the WEIRDEST dream last night. Try creepy actually. So work is stressing me out, my schedule keeps changing, I’m losing my weekends, I’m losing my mind! Funny today though, I was changing a kids diaper. Smelled like a smell someone would die over, but if I didn’t like this kid I would of puked all over him. It was precious I carried on a nice pleasant conversation with him, great, great days. So I think I change my mind about wanting to be like Beyonce, I think I measure more on the Kanye level. Yea I’m pretty awesome.


~ by Lauraige on 02/01/2010.

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