Imma Be a Hater

So to all the haters out there….go jump off a cliff and suck it. I’m trying to find my style, my flow, my mojo. I don’t know what I would claim as my style. I guess we could just say eclectic. I have no specific source. I want to say that I’m an OG aka original, but is there anyone original? Everyone copies each other….So I was told the other day I bicker a lot. I don’t know whether that’s TOTALLY true. I just know what I want and don’t want. So right now we’re gonna give my 10 top pet peeves.

1. I don’t like to be rushed.
2. When guys sit cross-legged
3. When people touch escalator rails
4. Cellophane wrappers in a movie
5. People who talk loud on the phone
6. When people don’t flush the toilet/ don’t replace the TP after using the last bit
7. People who talk to close
8. People who give commentary when watching a TV program
9. Flakes, when people can’t follow through with plans/ or don’t respond
10. Moochers

I may be picky, but I know what I want.

Before I forget…..I don’t give a crap about Tony because he has special needs.


~ by Lauraige on 02/02/2010.

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