Like Peter Pan, I’ll Never Grow Up

So today I was doing some hard work, pretty exhausting. The first time doing work like this is always the hardest, but then it gets easier. Today I was hammering nails into the wall to hang stuff up. You don’t want to hit them so hard, you kind of want them barely sticking out. There’s a special technique you gotta have. One nail I totally got stuck, I had to work it out a little. You wouldn’t think this be such a hard job, but believe me it is!! My arm muscles are so sore from it. I am so hungry too! All I ate today was a stupid banana for breakfast…that’s it nothing else. Ugh I could really go for something to eat. My stupid computer has been all wacky the toolbar hasn’t been popping up. HOOO MY GOODNESS, so I saw the BEST thing ever last night, pretty much amazing and I’m just gonna say two words and you have to find out for yourself……KELLAN LUTZ. It will pretty much blow your freakin mind when you find out what I’m talking about. Yuck I just got a really bad taste in my mouth, really gross, it’s like a really beefy taste. Well today has been long and tiring, so I think it’s best if we end this here.

I was just thinking though, remember when it was so sticking hilarious when people said your mom jokes. What did that even really mean. Now the big joke is that’s what she said…..what has our world come to??


~ by Lauraige on 02/06/2010.

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