This Is Called Manhood

So you know what was just brought to my attention, well more like I realized. It’s black history month…why do they get a whole month?? Another question why is Martin Luther King day not in February. Would it be appropriate if I had chicken n’ waffles everyday this month…I think so. I just don’t understand though why black people get a whole month….what did they do that was so special?? Shoot us Asians have been put through hell, and we don’t get our own month! OWWW my friend just bit my thigh…..mother%#@*mce_markeramp;!!! Anyways, so LOVE LOVE LOVE how the Saints won the super bowl today. That’s a true underdog story!! Kind of like me!!! I wanna go to New Orleans do a little Mardi Gras partying. Oh I hope everyone understood my blog yesterday. If you did then I’ll say you have a dirty mind, if not you are good and pure minded. Agh my thigh is bleeding, son of a gun. Friends are filthy, filthy people. Good for nothing punks. They just lie to you and make fun of you and hurt your feelings….I’m gonna move to the bayou and make friends with the swamp monters.


~ by Lauraige on 02/07/2010.

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