You Poe Thing

I really want to learn how to play the organ. It would be so cool to learn how to play creepy music and freak people out. I would play in my huge library filled with Edgar Allen Poe books and other creepy novels. I want freaky animal heads hanging on the wall and a butler who looks dead. I think that is probably one of the coolest ideas ever!! So my hip flexor is really sore from running on the treadmill yesterday….maybe it’s not the best idea to do like an hour if I’ve never really used that machine before. Life is full of consequences I guess. I could do without this consequence though. So I found a new song to relate to, Bad Romance by Lady Gaga. Wanting love and revenge that’s like me! I’m a masochist too! It’s fun finding similarities….Boy I can’t wait until Valentine’s day!!! Too excited gonna make cupcakes and sprinkle them with pretty pink and red sprinkles….so dumb. I’m gonna play it up though, I like having reasons to be stupid. Not like I need reasons, I can just live my normal life and bada bing bada boom!!!


~ by Lauraige on 02/11/2010.

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