Drink and be Merry!!!

So very last minute post. It’s really 1:00 in the morning on Valentine’s Day. For the sake of posting something every actual timed day we’ll say its still the 13th. So I got really sick again….broke with a fever this afternoon and felt like crap. Way to start a raging V-Day!! I popped a few pills and felt better, thank heavens for drugs what would we do without them?? So I felt like a little 5 year old again. I hand made cards this year to hand out to people. I was hesitant whether or not I should shred the cute little hearts I cut out or not. I saw the movie Valentine’s day, pretty bueno. Kind of predictable, but not at the same time. I’m gonna try and have a happy day we’ll technically today. I won’t be bitter, I wanna show love. Oh next year I want to have a Valentine’s Day bashing party…..EVERYONES INVITED!!!


~ by Lauraige on 02/13/2010.

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