Did Peppermint Patty Forget Her Meds??

I love building memories. Nothing better then jumping on my mom and start singing Beatles songs. Some may say I’m a little off the deep end….I would agree with them. I think this all because I never worked out today, when I normally do. Also, watching the Lizzie McGuire can make someone loose a couple screws. So Shawn White gotta new name for him Fire on Ice….BAM!!! Right in the kisser. So I think I found my one gift in life, please tell me if you agree. My one gift, the thing I was born to do was to insult people maybe also assault people too. I love watching info-mmercials. I think a good day would be just to sit at home and watch some of those. So little fun fact America is the laziest and sexiest country in the world. I can relate to both of those statements. I really wanna go snorkeling and see some octopus maybe even some snorks would be cool. So I think I should be in the entertainment business, they all like to talk about themselves and that’s what I do best!!


~ by Lauraige on 02/18/2010.

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