Cookie Monster

I hate when you have to sacrifice your time for people and then not be recognized. It frustrates the heck out of me. So I realized guys are a bunch of douche bags. They need to get the hell out of my house. I’ll give them a nice swift kick in the arse on the way out. If I were a boy, I’d be a better man. So, what is lent? Why do people put black sharpie on their forehead. I wonder what it would of been like to live during Star Wars. That would be so cool to own a light saber. I really want a stick of juicy fruit. Mmmm the smell of it, just want to pull it out. Then stick it in my mouth yum yum. I wish it was hug an asian day. Someone can shoot a hot hug at me. Oh warm hugs. I’m ready for this month to be over. I don’t like dealing with peoples drama. I think people have mistaken me for someone who gives a crap. Awww so I like to think of myself as a freakin hilarious person. I’m pretty awesome.


~ by Lauraige on 02/19/2010.

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