Sugar and Spice I’m Everything Nice

So really don’t even have the energy to even write this right now. About to fall lkjfoiwskdlnvonwsidlkjfskjjoiewud…..whoops asleep. Yes I’m really tired, was at work for almost 11 hours today. I’m not throwing the sympathy card, let’s just get that straight. So as I’m lying here watching T.V. I notice most of these commercials are things I would never buy. Come on if I’m gonna have to waste my life…well watching T.V. in general, the commercials should at least be something I’d be willing to purchase. When would I ever call “Interactive Male” anyways? I really think it would be hilarious to be on a reality show. I think I could make it rather entertaining. Shoot so, I’m so entertaining I’m falling freakin asleep. I can’t even keep my eyes open. Well I can’t even keep them open normally since I’m Asian. Well anyways I’m going to bed.

Oh before I forget….

Goal #2: Be less stubborn


~ by Lauraige on 02/22/2010.

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