French Maid Status

I want to join the Jamaican bobsled team. I think I’d fit right in. HO so can I mention how DANG EXCITED I am for the new Alice in Wonderland. Not only was it one of my favorite Disney movies growing up, but now….Johnny Depp and Tim Burton. Who could ask for anything more? You know what else I’m excited for….is the new Robby P. movie Remember Me. I love attractive men. The one good thing about life. I just ate a bowl of cherrios and I realized when you burp cherrios, it kind of has the same taste as hard boiled eggs. Which is really gross. Eggs are one of the worst foods out there. Likewise with milk. Really if you think about it those are some nasty things. Does it really sound appetizing to drink some white liquid that comes from a cows boobies?? Yea no, I’ll pass thanks….So I’m dedicating this to my poor beta fish that died today. His name was either Fuego or Diablo. He lived a long life. I remember when I got him, I bought him while my friend bought another beta so we could have a beta fight. We put them into a small cup and see who would survive. They didn’t really fight though which sucked, so totally didn’t get my moneys worth. Well R.I.P Fuego/Diablo…..

Goal #3: Learn to take a compliment or a thanks


~ by Lauraige on 02/23/2010.

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