Bang, Bang….

Ugh what a GREAT day!! I’m so exhausted who knew food shopping could be so difficult. Also dropped $75 dollars on a pair of snow pants that are now not in my possession. Missing snow boots. And a Michelin Man snow jacket. Can you guess where I’m going…..the dreaded snow. The snow sucks. I don’t know how people enjoy living in something like that. One thing about southern Cali. I hate the feeling you’re forgetting something. So I just got offered my first credit card. I’m not sure I’m responsible enough for one of those yet. That’s kind of a big commitment. So i’m in no mood to be writing this so I’ll give up for now. I may or may not be able to write this weekend we’ll see though. Well times a changin’ and my baby shot me down….


~ by Lauraige on 02/25/2010.

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