Going For Gold

So I failed. I was gonna try and post while I was gone on my trip but….OH WELL!!! I’ll make it up by posting some pictures. So I went to the snow. Sort of fun stuff, other then cooking 6 meals for 25 people. I’ve never seen falling snow and just my little luck, got myself a blizzard!! All I want to do after this trip is become a taxidermist, or maybe a boxer, so I can beat up buttholes. All in all after the complaints and bitterness, it was a really good trip. So after watching these closing ceremonies for the Olympics, all I want is a pet beaver. I wonder if it would bite? I just had my first bowl of oatmeal in I don’t know how long, but it taste just as bad as i remembered. Why would anyone want to eat a bowl of paste?


~ by Lauraige on 02/28/2010.

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