Rockin the Rehab

I wonder what the worst day ever is?? Mine was just kind of a special day, that you couldn’t find anywhere else. I love those days though where you feel like you just got kicked the crap out of, and you’re down for the punch. I wonder when you know when you are starting to get old. What would the signs be? Some say wrinkles. Some say no life. Some say your age. Some say a slow mind. Well what’s the answer? Whatever it is….I hope I’m not there. I really want to get put in the sleeper hold. I wonder if that would really work. Not like I need it right now though, My eyes are straight up shutting on their own. I wonder if I got roofied…I really want to go on a han solo date tomorrow. I’m gonna buy myself a pair of mom jeans.


~ by Lauraige on 03/01/2010.

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