No Monkey Business Here

I’m pretty sure music runs my life. I finally know how to relate to something. I’m not as cold-hearted as I thought. It’s really the words that get to me. If words to a song are stupid I won’t listen to it. I know I’ve wanted someones love and revenge at the same time….wouldn’t you?? I tried to be your picture perfect girl, but you were in your fantasy world. These are some amazing songs I listen to. True words of wisdom. It’s what I live by yea know….can yea dig it?? I think I want to be a stand up comedian. I’m a funny girl. A real crack up. I don’t understand why some people get so touchy. Like they have a stick up their butt. People just get so bit, so easily. I just want to tell them QTIP. I guess everyone is inclined to their own opinion.


~ by Lauraige on 03/03/2010.

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