Hiney Hey, Hiney Ho

This has genuinely been an FML kind of day. Nothing mellow dramatic. Things have just been so frustrating. You’d think when someone wrongs you, a little apology would be nice. Not a peace offering. I’m not that much of a bitch, I know how to forgive and forget. Just admit your mistake. Don’t mind me I just had a bowl of bitter oatmeal. It’ll drain out of my system eventually. I like doing favors for people, but when I physically injure myself, it’s not fun. I’ll get over it. My swollen golf ball sized foot will remind me though. I guess my life could be worse. I could be Susan Boyle. I found my new master cleanse. Oatmeal. Stuff is legit, I could live off that cheap stuff. I’ve found I’ll get addicted to one type of food for a period of time, quickly get over it, then find something new. We’ll see how long this last. Maybe I’ll go rob a girl scout cookie table….


~ by Lauraige on 03/05/2010.

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