Buttsucking Boomerang

Do I talk a lot of crap? If I do I guess that’s why I have a blog right?? People have no grounds for their word. Whatever I’m a people pleaser. That’s gonna quickly change. I love how random a question can be and you can get it answered so fast on the internet. Whoever invented this little gadget is a genius! I hold onto the past a lot. I’ve changed! I’m not the same person I remembered. Why does everyone always have to be so politically correct? If we lived in a politically incorrect world, it would be so much better. Everyone wouldn’t be so uptight and anal. I actually like getting called Jap and other racial slurs. Maybe that’s just me though. I met a police offer today I think he was a stripper though….I think I would look way hotter in 3D.


~ by Lauraige on 03/06/2010.

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