Froot Loops

It really bugs me when people always think they’re right. It’s a huge turn-off, I just want to tune them out and walk away. Some people always have to put their two cents in. Well pay up home skillet. I’d be rolling in some serious cash if every single time someone spoke their mind, paid up. I’m sick and tired of my stupid hair. I can’t do anything with it, but just have looking like blah. I want my long hair back. Long hair gives you endless possibilities of what you can do. I was randomly looking at name meanings today. I can’t believe some cool names have really weird meanings. Ex: Marla- Sea of bitterness. Why would you ever want to name your daughter that? Do you really want them growing up to be a bitter person? My name has a really dull meaning…..Laurel. Why does my name mean a flower? That’s stupid. I’m not really the flowery type. I guess I can thank Lauren Bacall for my name. If it wasn’t for her I might of been named Marla. Which would work since I’m the bitter type.


~ by Lauraige on 03/09/2010.

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