I had a little turtle….

I despise bratty little kids. Parents should learn how to control them. Mark my words I never want them. So I had a fun, glorious day. Did some shopping. I was looking for one of those sweet thermochromatic hypercolor shirts. When i went to the store though they didn’t have any, kind of a bummer. I settled for a jacket and some headbands. I totally just lost my train of thought. That’s Facebook for yea. #1 reason of distraction in my life. I want to blame Facebook for my problems that’s all it ever is for me. I’ll be facebooking at work, “Lauren get off your phone.” Facebooking in the car. Maybe I just take a week break from Facebook. See if I can really do it. So I’ll start the bet off with 12 hours. My goal is a week, but I HIGHLY doubt that. Oh so I have some serious plans in the next month to do some Disneylanding. Is that even a work? Anyways, I’m at least going twice within the next month. Three cheers for me!!! Hip Hip!! So if you’re jealous….good I’m just gonna soak it up.


~ by Lauraige on 03/12/2010.

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