Super Freak

I’ve spent my evening after one heck of a work out, making up playlist. Won’t say what kind, but the freakin excellent. I have a gift in putting mixes together. Can ya dig it?? Funny story. When I was at work today, I was reaching into my purse to get some hand sanitizer out. The germ-a-phobe I am. Well I was squatting trying to find it, it was then I started loosing my balance. I tried to grab one of the shelves to regain my balance, but it was too late. I gracefully fell backwards. Luckily for me I had an audience to witness my sweet moves. A mother even leaned over the counter to see what happened. Nice work ayyy leaving your child in the hands of a drunk. I want to start boxing I think that would be so cool to work out/fighting at the same time. What could top that?? I would say wrestling would be a fun sport, but I could see that going so many ways on so many wrong levels. I do think I would be good at it though, natural fighter here. Pull out all the illegal moves. Okay I’m stopping now. This is getting wrong.


~ by Lauraige on 03/15/2010.

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