Shut Up and Let Me Go

Disneyland continues to amaze me each and every time I go there. They know how to go all out, every square inch is in theme to a tee. I mean the countless bathroom trips I made today, the tile work in the bathrooms….really?! In New Orleans Square, the tile colors were purple, green, and a yellowish gold. In the Fantsyland princess bathroom, the colors were sparkle pink and grey. Adventureland bathroom tan, brown, and grey. Finally, Fantsyland Alice bathroom, red, black, and grey. Who would of thought they would pay that close attention. Next time you go to Disneyland you should look at the tile work you’d be amazed! I was so taken aback by the bathrooms I kind of forgot about the rest of the trip. HA!! All I know is that I feel horribly sick. I’ve had a migraine since this afternoon, and my stomach is churning. I’m going to sleep now and going to dream about tiles.


~ by Lauraige on 03/20/2010.

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