Blister in the Sun

Well I already wasn’t feeling too good about myself today, but then some dipstick told me that I looked kind of “large” in a picture. Way to kill my mojo. Whatever this can just be a QTIP moment, rude people can just go suck a butt. It’s fine though I found a new way to get some extra exercise in. I will look way hot in no time, and I’ll look hot doing it. People are just HATAS!!! I can’t help if I’m living life in the fab lane. Still though I’m gonna go on a crash diet, that’s what I do. Thinking about doing the lemonade detox again. Either that or the apple detox. I think I will plan to start it next Wednesday. I heard the apple detox is good, because you can eat apple in any of its for as long as it’s just pure apple nothing else. You can juice it, blend it, slice it, dice it, or just eat it whole. Whatever it may be I’ll do it, could use to loose an extra lbs.

~ by Lauraige on 03/23/2010.

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