Crack Town

Dearest Disneyland,

You cease to amaze me. First you allow me to have the closest parking spot ever possible. I might as well be handicap! Well, then you allow me to conga with Minnie and Mickey in the “Celebrate You parade.” Shoot we got ourselves a once in a lifetime opportunity. I love how you have a baby care center in the park. What the heck kind of parents drop their kids off while they get to have fun?! My mom and sister say that its just for parents to take their children so they can suckle their mother’s bosom and where you can pick up your lost child. I would just like to think it’s for bad parents who want to neglect their children. What is the real reason you have that? Are these little children your slave workers that you use to sit on each others shoulders and be the nasty characters? Anyways, you inspired me to come up with a better use for “That’s what she said” jokes. It’s quite appalling. What do your filthy fuzzy characters do when no one is looking? My sister and I tried to get our picture taken out of Screamin’ snap shot photos. We tried to do the word “bullshit” in sign language. We chickened out though because deep down we wanted you guys to capture our beautiful faces instead. I’m oh so excited to come and live another happiest day tomorrow. You always make my dreams come true (even if I have voices talking in my head.) Well I’m going to seize the day. Until then….

From a funny, funny girl



~ by Lauraige on 03/28/2010.

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