Insane in the Membrane

Pleasant, pleasant evening. Those are the best kind of nights just sitting at dinner with a friend for hours. Also ditching things I should be doing is great fun. I like feeling like a flake for once, I now know why so many people do it. I never thought I’d be a fan of Spring cleaning. My goal though for this little vaca I took from work was finally get rid of crap. I’ve spent all day today emptying out all of my dressers, and going through all my clothes. MY GOODNESS! I had no idea how much clothes I had, and how much of those clothes I don’t even wear anymore. It was actually kind of ridiculous. It’s also kind of funny to see all the clothes I have to because even though I have so much clothes, I normally can never find anything to wear. With getting rid of all these clothes it will be fun to refill my closet with some actual cute stuff. Anyways, my goal for the next few days its to wash all my clothes and start getting rid of crap. Am I in for a little treat. FML……


~ by Lauraige on 03/31/2010.

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