Smooth Move

Wild adventures here on this Good Friday. I wonder if back in the days when Good Friday first happened, if they really called it Good Friday? Well my Friday was ok. It would of been terrific, if I didn’t have scuzzy middle age guys telling me their strong conviction that, “Modest is Hottest” talk. How sick is that? People just need to get a life, and mind their own biz. I think I dress classy, not like a slut. Get over it. Anyways I’m not bitter. Adventure was all around the corner today. When my sister comes around crazy crap goes down. Well Easter is just a few short days away. Easter is kind of a weird holiday. It’s quite magical actually. It’s amazing how someone could die, and then come to life again. That’s a WTH kind of moment. I think all people should drink some smooth move tea. It’s a good stimulator.


~ by Lauraige on 04/02/2010.

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