Road Kill

Just wait the 99 seconds because this video is kind of a breakthrough. Borderline Amazing!!! So I was thinking… would be really cool if I had a chocolate bust made out of me. I’d eat that right up, YUM. Even though I really don’t like chocolate, I LOVE me!!! Awhile ago my sister asked me to do this little project for my nephew for school. The project was that the school was going to mail me this little cut out guy named, Flat Stanley. I’m supposed to take Flat Stanley on a tour of my city and take pictures of me and him wherever I go. I’m kind of thinking though of all the inappropriate things I could do and corrupt my little 5 year old nephews kindergarten class. HAHAHA oh the possibilities!!! Flat Stanley is supposed to arrive sometime this month, and I get the privilege of hanging out with him for a month. I need to start thinking quick though of some appropriate things, and exciting none the less. Can’t be taking pictures of me and him at work everyday.


~ by Lauraige on 04/06/2010.

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