Green Bean Casserole

GOOD FREAKIN MORNING!!!! This is your 4 AM wake up call!!!! Who they HEY WHO wants to swim at 5:30 in the freakin morning? My hands are so torn up from yanking across 5 lane lines. You know what I will cry you a river, actually make that a pool. Really just let me sleep and dream about damn Whole Foods and their stupid olive bar. What the hell?!?!?! AN OLIVE BAR!!!! I’ll just let that one be. Can I let you in on a little secret about me. I’ve been addicted lately to salsa. I’m not talking about your average wimpy pace salsa that taste like chunky ketchup. I’m talking about burn the $#!% out of your mouth salsa, but still not that prissy pico de gallo style either. I literally want to see flames coming out of my mouth. What brought me to this…..have no clue. Maybe I just need some heat in my life. Some fiery, delicious heat. I’d also like to take this time to make a little PSA: I absolutely HATE any sort of horror, scary, bloody movie. Literally loathe them.

~ by Lauraige on 04/08/2010.

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