Black Lung

I honestly think I should get to use a megaphone wherever I go. I think that would be pretty badass. Which I am. I don’t know what brought my fascination with megaphones, but why the heck not want one?? Oh, so sitting here watching The Soup made me realize (actually no, I’ve always known) that I HATE, with a deep burning passion, the word panties. I cringe and throw up just a little when I hear that word. I wish it was summer already. Not like I really have any big plans, maybe doing a little summer school. Maybe even working my butt off, probably both though. I think I inhaled to much cleaning products tonight at work. I’m already getting sick I can feel it in my bones, but now my lungs are lined with some toxic chemicals…..great. Don’t really have much to say tonight nothing really eventful happened. I just think some people aren’t meant to be parents, after seeing some idiots today at work you just shake your head in wonder. You have to feel a little sympathy for those little rascals.


~ by Lauraige on 04/09/2010.

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