Captain EO

What a “Magical” day at the Magic Kingdom. You know they say that and I never see anyone doing any magic when I go there. It was fun though. I have no clue how I’m not over it yet though. Maybe, just maybe I’ll wind down my voyages though. It was an exhausting day though, up at 5 and going to bed at 2. That’s what 21 hours, with an hour of sleep in the car makes 20. WHAT THE HEY DIDDLY DO?!?! It’s ok though gonna get maybe a few hours of sleep then up and back in action for the day. Gonna do a nice workout maybe a couple spin classes. After that I’m kind of excited to go hang out with Baby Cakes. So, I kind of forgot tax returns are due tomorrow. Not like I know how to do my taxes. Whatever we’ll see what happens. I’m done gonna go to bed. Literally can’t keep my eyes jdapgejdvmewkjsdgvn.akmfb


~ by Lauraige on 04/13/2010.

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