The Grass Is Getting Greener

I don’t know how I kept moving today. Woke up around 8 and decided to do 2 spin classes, cardio, and weights. Not good. Then I hung out with boo bear. Went to work. Then went to church. You know what I was thinking about though today while working out. I don’t understand what it means to be “lady-like.” Girls can work just as hard as boys. We can be as tough. As brave. I’m guessing being a strong woman isn’t “lady-like??” Is that a turn off? Is that intimidating for men to see that us girls can be just as good? I don’t know why I thought about this. When I see a girl with buff muscles, and can sprint for miles, I think that is truly beautiful. I understand those girls who want to be dainty. I just like people who are out of the norm. I burned the crap out of my finger today. Stupid black bean soup. Stuff literally stuck to my finger and wouldn’t come off, (TWYMS) I felt it bubbling on my finger. I hate burns. If I had the choice of drowning or burning to death, I would take drowning a billion times over then burning.

~ by Lauraige on 04/14/2010.

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