Well, if there is anyone with a life threatening emergency just call me. I spent hours today learning how to beat people up, make out, and get them high. All in the same day. To put it shortly, I’m now re-certified in CPR and oxygen administration. Meanwhile, I spent the rest of the day dreaming how things in my life aren’t perfect, but I wouldn’t change any of that. Maybe it’s just because I’ve been working too hard and I’m sleep deprived. Making my mind loopy once again. Other then being stuck at work all day, running on empty, with no fuel insight. I had a FANTASTIC day. I’m still actually hanging out with some peeps. Some very special people in fact. Can’t ask for anything better right now. I think I inhaled too much of that pure oxygen today. I have no idea who this person talking is. It almost makes me sick. Oh wait I am sick. Mentally. I’ve had these incredibly painful headaches the last few days. Don’t know what’s starting them, and don’t know how to get rid of them. Good this sounds much more like the Lauren I know…..a wanker.


~ by Lauraige on 04/17/2010.

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