Nose Goes

“Follow your nose.” That’s how I decided to go about my day today. You see….I mean smell things in a whole new way, when you use your nose first. I’ll take you through my day and give you a little track of my scents. So, I woke up to this glorious morning by smelling dog farts. Those kind of farts have to be the all time worst farts you’ll ever smell in your life. I’ll never take for granted boo’s farts again. So I let the dogs out, because clearly they need to take a poo. As I get ready for work, I go about sniffing everything. Toothpaste, mouthwash, shampoo, conditioner, hair products, floral freshness shirt and shorts, pomegranate lotion, spiced carrot muffin, apricot fruit leather. Each smell so different and distinct, yet each lovely. Not one blending with another, but not one really standing out either. As I made my way out the door, I jump into my dusty, old fainted mango air freshened, with a mix of spring flower frebreze scented car. As I walk into work, I smell the mix of the fresh clean air from outside and the artificial smell of air conditioner with a nice odor of sweat to go along. I walk back to the pool deck, and suddenly get an overwhelming hit of chlorine. Must have been because of our little code brown on Thursday, for the new real kick of chlorine in the air. As I sit with nostrils burning for hours, finally get a clean break for the warm fresh air smell as I walk back to my car. Turn on the air conditioner to get one of my favorite smells ever. That warm dusty air conditioned smell. I go to Trader Joe’s and pick out some nice fresh produce of pineapple, bananas, cucumber, and strawberries. The smell coming from each thing was completely enticing. I decided driving home I’d stop off at the nursery. Jump out of my car to get the aroma of so many different kinds of flowers, herbs, plants, soils. It was marvelous. Later in the day I decided I needed some things from the drug store. I go in to get that sort of medical smell of the pharmacy. I walk down to the hair product section to get a whiff of all the smelly hair products, that just have a light smell to them. I come home to eat some warm chicken tortilla soup. How can you beat that. With all the smells in that of herbs and spices, and the meat and cheese. Now I come to my final scent of the night, the overly powerful reek of skunk. I’m positive I’ve forgotten some smells today, but those are the ones that stood out. So open your nose up and take a whiff…..smell yea later.


~ by Lauraige on 04/24/2010.

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