Where the Heart is

Today I would probably define as a cynical day. I was scared for my life earlier today though. I really thought I was dead meat. Thought my life was ruined, for some stupid mistakes. Thank the Lord! My problems were soon resolved. It’s definitely been a rough day. Got out of church, went out to lunch, walked around downtown, went to a friends concert, came home with a splitting headache, and here I am. Still with a headache that feels like the weight of Japan is on it. The pressure is unbearable. I need to find the cause of these headaches. This is not fun. So, before I forget. I’m just gonna say my buddy Michael, probably the best musician I have ever known!! I’m gonna go pop a gun to my head to relieve some of this pain. Oh I love, love, love the SB library has to be one of the coolest libraries I’ve ever been to….

~ by Lauraige on 04/25/2010.

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