So, today I realized I’m REALLY childish. I still listen to kids sing-a-longs, pee my pants, get into ridiculous fights, and eat junk food for every meal. Hahaha this is all in one day. I like how I’m supposed to open the Y tomorrow at 5 and I’m still awake. It’s gonna be a rough morning. I think Asian people are so funny. Why are the eyes so squinty?? Aye, I need to go to bed this is kind of ridiculous. I don’t like when people are all talk, and don’t walk the walk. Grow a pair and follow through with what you say. Oh My Golly!! So, did you hear about the man in England that lost a testicle during surgery, because the surgeon cut it off by mistake? Do you know what woman call it when a surgeon removes a mans testicle? Brain surgery…..


~ by Lauraige on 04/27/2010.

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