PORK and beans

Ooooo 31 cent ice cream scoop night at B&R!!! Magical. What’s not magical is getting up at 4 again tomorrow. Why do I do these things? Is it possible to learn how to say “no”?? Evidently I don’t know that word. I’ve been staying up late recently watching one of my FAV t.v shows. Gullah Gullah Island. I remember watching this show ALL the time as a kid. Way better then this Dora crap kids watch these days. I miss these old school shows. Sesame Street, Rugrats, Hey Arnold, Rocket Power, All That, Dinosaurs. I can’t think of anymore, but they need to bring the good stuff back. I just wish they would stop telling me what to do. Maybe I don’t feel like getting up and jumping to save the penguin. What did that penguin do for me? I pray to Jesus every night and ask him to bring back good t.v shows and we’ll give him Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus whatever that schizophrenic girl wants to be called.

~ by Lauraige on 04/28/2010.

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