Welcome to the Jungle

People piss me off so much sometimes. I really wish I could go live on my own planet. I’m sure everyone in the world wouldn’t mind me leaving either. More or less I’m just annoyed how people like to complicate things, and freakin screw things up. I’m just packing my bags and I’m off to Timbuktu. No one would really give a damn anyways, obviously have more enemies then friends. I’ve been watching the Price is Right a lot lately. Some of those people are just so stupid on that show. One girl on there today literally was a dumb blonde. She was just a complete %&!#tard. Another lady a little granny, she groped the heck out of poor Drew Carey. I like to call her the “Groping Granny.” It’s a good comic relief kind of show. Parents are gonna be out of town for the next few days…..I’m really looking into getting a kitten. I just want to love em and hug em and squeeze them all day long! I hope I’m a good mother. Last kitten I had, I left him in the wrong hands of my grandma and brother. Dorks lost them on my prom night. As is I had a bad night at prom, didn’t need to loose my baby either. Jude’s anniversary is coming up from when I lost him. So in remembrance of him I just want to say I love and miss you Jude, hope you’re still alive and kickin’.

December 1, 2008- May 2, 2009


~ by Lauraige on 04/29/2010.

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