Fairly Silicone

Can you tell I was at the fair?? Yea it was as I expected it would be. Public places kind of gross me out. I really don’t like seeing all those little kids from work and church on my day off. Don’t they say, don’t mix work and pleasure? I wouldn’t say hanging out with a bunch of animals and weird people is totally a pleasure, more amusement. I wonder how many people would get plastic surgery if it was free? I’m fine with my body now, could be tighter. I really don’t think after I have kids my body will ever be like this again. Maybe a little help from medicine wouldn’t hurt. I don’t think it’s bad if people get plastic surgery, if it makes them happy and builds confidence. Everything of course in moderation. No one likes someone who obviously looks fake. I’m gonna go throw up all the grease I ate today……….


~ by Lauraige on 05/02/2010.

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