So today is really Tuesday, but we can all make believe it is still Monday. Well today went from bad to worse. Can I just say I was slightly excited when my sister asked me to make a spur of the moment trip to Sacramento. She wanted me to come babysit my nephews because of one of my nephews hilarious shenanigans. Then she let me down, by telling me she didn’t need me. How awesome would that have been to get off work and just go run a jump on a plane, so sporadically. Maybe I just need some “me” time. I guess I’ll just have to resort to getting a McCafe Mocha Frappe from McDonald’s. I kind of feel like I’m distancing myself lately. This I guess is a stage in life where I am just tired of things. I know I keep saying this, but enough is enough. I guess it is finally time for me to grow up, and quite acting like a child. Maybe I need to be a little selfish for once and do something that will be good for me. I need to learn that I can’t always please everyone, so I need to stop trying. It’s time to start drumming to my own beat. Not answer to anyone. Just give me something to maybe think about.


~ by Lauraige on 05/03/2010.

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