Shack Attack

I hate drivers in Santa Barbara. I have no patience for their bullshit driving. Not kidding you, I almost got into 6 accidents in the past 3 days because FREAKIN MORONS have licenses. DAMN it makes me so mad, livid actually. I don’t think I have road rage, I just get eaten inside when people are absolutely dumb. I don’t have it in me to deal with idiots. I had the worst nightmare last night. I was preggos. The cool thing was though, that I still had a flat stomach. Right when I was about to give birth though I got all big. Man, how I wished I had a dream interpreter book. I should not be having nightmares like that. I woke up in a cold sweat. Also, I’d like to say again that I have a bunch of nutballs in my family. Don’t they say families are like sundaes, sweet with a few nuts? Well what do you call it when you have all nuts, and a few norms? I like to inform everyone that I got myself a new job!!! Finally!!! Thank the Lord!!! I had a nice interview today. Couldn’t have been a semi-perfect day. That would be nice though. My one dream for the month, is to have just a truly perfect day. Not to have a care in the world, and for everything to go right for once. I wanna save up some money for a new pair of shoes. That’s mainly been my itch lately. Oh so I’m really excited I’m going to a book signing on Friday. Gonna meet myself a little celebrity…..


~ by Lauraige on 05/05/2010.

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