Everyday Italian

DREAMS DO COME TRUE!!! I met (once again) one of my role models. I truly, truly adore Giada. She’s an incredible chef. It’s cheesy but I was shaking when I was getting my book signed by her. Don’t laugh, but I slightly teared up because I was so overwhelmed with excitement. It was kind of ridiculous though how many moms were there. Seemed like everyone had a child with them. A lot of them were little Y kids too, which was really annoying. Having to work a double shift and then seeing these kids outside of work wasn’t what I hoped for. I couldn’t ask for anything more today. I brought one of my chef coats for her to sign, but the jackholes at William Sonoma wouldn’t let her sign it. Freakin BASSMOLES!!! She gave me some tips on how to start off once I finished culinary school. I felt so special for that 30 seconds!! She even remembered the girl that waited on State Street outside a shoe store, while she filmed her Weekend Getaway show. AKA: ME!!!!! It was an awesome day one, that I’ve been needing for a long time.


~ by Lauraige on 05/07/2010.

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